Keyleth d'Vadalis

Journal Entry
Keyleth's Journal

It has been a couple of days since I was last able to record my thoughts, and a wild couple of days at that. My mother’s brother, Sasik, sent a request to come see him in FairHaven, apparently word of my leaving had reached his ears rather quickly. He arranged passage on the rail, but the company there was not what I was expecting. A couple of humans, a gnome, and a bugbear.

The bugbear reeked and reminds me a lot of Fredrich, not a particular person I want to recall right now. Beyond that, the Silver Flame has told us to be guarded around werecreatures and their ilk. He is a formidable force, but like Fredrich he isn’t the brightest creature I’ve ever met. His name is Melgar and he says he was raised by wolves. I have learned in the past couple of days that his wolf “family” was killed by members of the Fairhaven nobility, specifically the family of Countness Tesyn ir’Lantar and he seems to have a grudge against them. At one point he saw a noble with a wolf pelt in the manor and I thought he was going to charge her. If he had, it would have definitely ascertained his evil nature and I would have needed to bring him down for the good of all. I have also prodded him a few times and tested his reactions to various situations. He does not appear to be of the evil variety, or he is doing very well at masking it, but further tests will be required.

Eve is a female human who works as a spy for the Royal Eyes. She appears to have little sense of modesty. Both her and the other human like to sneak about and gather information. I’ve heard such people have their uses, but they rarely form relationships with any real depth.

Aiden is the male human who also seems to be stealthy. He’s also shorter than any other human I’ve met. I’m not sure why he was on the rail to FairHaven. The others had clear reasons. He does seem very interested in helping others though, so of the three individuals I met on the rail, he’s the one I think I could work with the easiest.

Which comes to the point of why I haven’t written the past couple of nights. While aboard the rail, a bunch of organized thugs under the command of an excommunicated member of house Orien named Kellan drugged our meals. They stripped everyone on the train and bound us as captives, intent on taking the rail past Fairhaven to some employer that wanted something on the train (there was a large shipment of Mithril on its way to Fairhaven). Eve woke up before the rest of us and she had retrieved some of our bags. Eventually she woke the rest of us and we retrieved our possessions before deciding to do something about the situation, as they weren’t planning to stop at Fairhaven at all. While Eve and Aiden scouted about, I did what I could for the other prisoners by waking and freeing them and helping them retrieve their clothing. Then something happened I’ve never really had experience with before… we were attacked! Thugs ran in and tried to hurt us, but the small group managed to stop them so that we could finish going through the rail cars and freeing the rest of the passengers.

We eventually found Kellan in the engine room, and after a scuffle we convinced him to surrender to the authorities in FairHaven. My understanding is that he is now in House Orien’s custody along with his mercenaries. All of this prevented me from sleeping that night and writing here, followed by a long day in Fairhaven that finally ended with some rest at my Uncle’s guest room and a very pleasant dinner meeting his family. They are all wonderful people and I hope I made a good first impression. I definitely felt more at ease eating with the nobles than casting spells at evil men charging at me with weapons.

My uncle has encouraged me to try “adventuring” with these individuals. He says it’s a good way to find out who I am and what I desire to do with my life, rather than being told what to do with it by house Vadalis. I’m reserved about this idea, but I do not have any justifiable reason not to try.


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