Keyleth Backstory

Daughter of Shyra Vadalis and Tra’el Moonwillow.

Shyra Vadalis – Human dragonmarked female of House Vadalis. Had an affair outside of her arranged marriage with Thom Vadalis, a prominent member of the house. Divorced and disgraced by Thom and House Vadalis, Shyra and Keyleth have lived a difficult life.

Tra’el Moonwillow – Elven minstrel who fathered Keyleth.

Having been born dragonmarked and with an air of disgrace, Keyleth has had a difficult life socially. With the growing rarity of children born with dragonmarks, House Vadalis can ill afford to not put those individuals to use within the House structure. However, due to the disgrace brought on her by her mother and the constant reminder of it to her human peers by her slightly pointed ears, she has been constantly assigned more menial tasks within the House. This culminated during her skill assessment and training, when Zelic, a renowned trainer in the house and long-time friend to Thom Valadis, was put in charge of determining Keyleth’s future. After showing proficiency in working with exotic creatures, displaying her passionate and strong spirit, Zelic pronounced her unsuitable to the needs of training creatures and assigned her to training in botany. Keyleth could not help but notice Zelic’s proud smile of retribution as he placed his mark upon her papers… and her life.

After many years of training, during which Keyleth was always one of the few struggling in the class, she learned of the way of the Silver Flame. She felt a calling to the religion, like a spark inside her was ignited… something meaningful to do in her life besides cataloging plants. This new discovery enabled her to focus more intently on her studies with the thoughts of helping others in the world while she traveled. But it did more than simply provide her focus; it ignited something much deeper, in her very blood. A desire to see more, learn beyond the walls of the House, and maybe even make decisions for herself for a change. Like so many of the caged beasts, Keyleth was tired of feeling constrained… she wanted to be set free.

What triggered that moment though was the day she was called into the head botanist’s office. She recognized Thom from her mother’s descriptions and various manifests she’s had to study over the years. To call it an estranged relationship would be giving it too much credit. Zelic was there as well, offering Thom a grin and pat on the shoulder where he sat. What took Keyleth by surprise that day was the presence of the third man, Fredrich. Fredrich was a half-orc born into House Vadalis is a similar situation as her own, save his mother had no choice in the event. Born without a dragonmark and a wit no greater than a mule, Fredrich had spent his life cleaning the cages of House Vadalis. His race and vocation made him exceptionally strong, having fought back several exotic creatures in his lifetime, but he also carried a rank smell with him everywhere he went.

The head botanist, Miss Olisha, instructed Keyleth to seat herself and announced that Thom, who was married to her mother at the time of the pregnancy, has claimed jurisdiction on Keyleth’s future. Keyleth glanced to Thom, but the man never made eye contact nor said anything during the duration of the encounter. Olisha continued on his behalf, informing Keyleth that Thom had arranged for her to marry Fredrich. At first, Keyleth was startled, but it quickly grew to suppressed anger as she noticed Fredrich oafish grin. That night, she left a note for her mother and left their home, determined to finally escape her cage.

Keyleth Backstory

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