Eve – Human Female spy for the Royal Eyes of Aundaria
Melgar – Bugbear Male fighter that smells really bad and was raised by wolves
Aiden – Human Male stealthy guy, kinda short, but wants to help people


Shyra d’Vadalis – Mother – Human Female
Tra’el Moonwillow – Biological Father – Elf Male Minstrel
Thom d’Vadalis – Estranged Father – Human Male
Sasik d’Vadalis – Uncle (mother’s brother) – Consort to the Queen


Olisha d’Vadalis – Head botanist for House Vadalis

Personal NPCs:

Zelic – Friend of Thom d’Vadalis – Seems to have it out for Keyleth
Fredrich – Fiance – Half-Orc stable boy that smells really bad
Kellan – Mercenary – Estranged from House Orien – Hijacked lightning rail with a half-elf archer

Campaign NPCs:

Doria Veledaar – War Buddy of Sasik d’Vadalis – Disappeared recently in Shadow Marshes
Countness Tesyn ir’Lantar – Noble woman – Melgar claims she or her son is responsible for the death of his “family”
Nicodemus d’Sivis – Instructor – Very annoying gnome met on the rail


Keyleth d'Vadalis blarwick